The Core of Visual Identity Feature

The Core of Visual Identity

Does the visual representation of your company give you satisfaction and pride? There are specific factors that promote that pride, many of which are kept hidden in our underlying senses. Let’s start off by defining what a brand is and how it relates to visual identity. Visual Identity is not what establishes a brand. Your … Read more

Living with a grateful heart this holiday season!

Thanksliving – Living with a Grateful Heart this Holiday Season!

  How do you practice living with a thankful heart? This Holiday season, some of the team members at Eyedeal Graphics would like to share with you why the “Thanksliving” concept is meaningful to them.   “Thanksliving. When this term was introduced, it quickly resonated with me. Not only for its application to the holiday Thanksgiving, … Read more

Wadsworth High School Career Day

Helping Tomorrow’s Creative Professionals See Their Future Careers

Recently, our team visited with students at Wadsworth High School to share our experience as a local design industry and to present insight into the creative career path. Many students already understood that graphic design, original written content, and other creative elements come into play when providing marketing materials and services to clients. This presentation … Read more

Restore legacy transform scale behavior to Photoshop CC2019

Restore Legacy Transform Scale Behavior to Photoshop CC 2019 – Revisited

The 2019 version of PhotoShop CC offers numerous functionality updates that are certain to improve the ease and efficiency of everyday workflows. On the other hand, one specific update changes the default functionality of the application’s transform scale tool. If you’re accustomed to holding the “Shift” key to maintain image proportions while scaling, then fear not. We have a fix!

Google SSL Mixed Content Feature Image

Google To Block Mixed Content Web Pages

As you may know, Google and other browser producers are making changes to encourage websites to use an SSL Certificate. The latest change is that Google will begin blocking web page elements with mixed content. For pages with this type of content, Chrome will show a warning to users, asking them to confirm that they … Read more

Raster vs Vector Difference

Raster and Vector Images – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever been confused in knowing which file format to submit to your graphic designer or printer? Maybe you would just like to know why they’re so picky with what you submit! Isn’t one large-scale, high resolution document all you will ever need? I’m afraid the answer is no. Many people, including some of … Read more

Missing: Adobe Illustrator Smart Guides

Missing – Adobe Illustrator Smart Guides

I was recently working in Adobe Illustrator when I noticed that the application’s “Smart Guides” were not displaying as I moved individual elements of the icon that I was creating. If you’ve used Adobe Illustrator for a while, then you know how inconvenient it is to lose these helpful, dynamic assistants. We may be able to help you get them back.

Top Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Web Presence in 2019

Everyone is online all the time in 2019. Big box stores to small businesses, the baby boomers to teenagers. If a business is going to be successful today, they need to have a complete online presence. There are many different factors that go into having effective Internet visibility for your customers and clients. Multiple components … Read more

Digital Media Marketing through Social Media

A big thanks to Kevin Denee from here at Eyedeal Graphics and Ayten Anderson, Marketing Coordinator of The City of Wadsworth who gave an intriguing and informative presentation on the impact and importance of social media. Presented for Main Street Wadsworth by the Economic Vitality Committee, this seminar is part one of the Digital Media … Read more

Stock Imagery at Your Fingertips

Stock Imagery At Your Fingertips

Visual Attraction has an important role in declaring your project successful. Stock Imagery is a source of enhancement for websites, blogs, printed products, advertisements, branding, slideshows, and any other personal or commercial project you might encounter. Let’s say you are a business owner. Do you have goals for finding a creative approach in presenting appealing … Read more