Website Development

Our team of developers has many years of experience on a wide variety of platforms. From a WordPress site to a custom solution, our team can tackle any project. Our programmers know many programming languages.


The world shops online. Our development team has built a wide variety of e-commerce solutions. With payment processing, shipping integration, and custom functionality, we can build and maintain a solution to fit your business’s needs.

Website Integrations

A website should rarely be an island. We can integrate e-commerce systems with inventory software, add leads from informational websites to CRM platforms, and more. We automate and simplify business process.

App Development

There are times when a website is not enough. Our custom development team can build web applications as well as mobile applications.

SEO & Analytics

Search engine optimization can be key to getting more prospects. We help with on-page SEO, Local SEO and more. Don’t forget Google Analytics and Google Search Console too.

Website Maintenance

A website is a living entity. The Eyedeal team recommends ongoing maintenance and content updates to keep the website secure and current. Let’s keep it alive!