Getting Back to Work: Communication through Adobe Spark

Communication through Adobe SparkA majority of states are beginning the process of reopening. While people are glad to get back to work and business owners are eager to get back in business there is concern about how to safely reengage in the workplace. Social distancing measures are vital; thus, implementing forms of digital communication is of utmost importance. Adobe Spark is one tool to add to the toolbox.

Adobe Spark for Social Media

Social media is essential to business relations for any number of industries, but it can also be great for keeping employees on the same page. Adobe Spark provides an easy method for creating social media posts with Spark Post. Add texts to images in the user-friendly interface and then share them to company media for communicating with customers or between coworkers. By saving a brand style or creating a template,  you can easily and quickly create new daily content that is consistent with you other posts in just a matter of minutes. You can also invite others to edit posts or create their own posts from the template you have designed. It is a great tool for designing attractive graphics or for sharing visual ideas.

Utilizing Branding

Adobe Spark is one of the great tools you can use to keep your branding consistent. The key is to create engaging content about topics that would be of interest to a targeted group of people. However, if this is not done with proper branding, your company won’t get the credit. By creating templates, you can easily add applicable photos, graphics, and text without wasting time re-creating your signature look. With this comes consistency, which will boost your online presence and form instant recognition from your audience.

COVID-19 is changing the way companies do business, and as states begin to re-open, industries are looking for innovative ways to communicate. There are many simple and fun tools for getting the message out online. Adobe Spark isn’t the only option. There certainly are other platforms that will assist you in creating graphical content for digital communication. Some include Canva, Ripl and Placeit. Feel free to broaden your horizons before settling with one specific platform.

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