Need a Jump?

Need a JumpIt’s been several weeks now that most of us have lived everyday life within a “shelter-in-place” bubble. And it’s easy to concede to a conclusion that life has turned on its head due to the stresses of our “new normal”. But there is something about tough times that reveals the best qualities in people. There’s an understanding that helping others can enable us to rise above our own problems.

Last night, I drove to the grocery store to restock several of our family’s key household staples. After shopping, I returned to the car, turned the key, and the starter droned to a rapid clicking sound. Because I hadn’t driven the car in over a week, the battery has lost its charge and died. As luck would have it, I live quite close to the store. So I called my wife, asked her to bring her car (and jumper cables), I opened the hood, and leaned against the car to wait it out.

Not a minute had past and a guy, walking to his car, volunteered, “Hey buddy, need a jump?” I thanked him for the offer explaining that my wife was on the way. He wished me well before getting into his car and leaving. Seconds later, a man in the next parking aisle offered “I’ve got cables, do you need a jump?” I thanked him as well, and told him that my help was on the way. Still another gentleman, walking into the store with his son, extended a bid to assist me. I said, “thank you sir, my help is on the way”.

I realize that it may seem rather typical for several people to offer their help with a situation like mine. The wait for my wife only lasted about ten minutes. But I can say, without exaggeration, that during that time, more than a half dozen people offered to help get me on my way. Remarkable!

My situation was far from threatening. And I doubt that any one of the individuals who offered me help will ever read this article. Still, I want to thank them for their kindness. There’s no surprise to say that we are living in a time of extraordinary events. But there are people around each of us who are eager to help others in need. This is an encouraging thought!

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