What’s the Big Deal With SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates Loupe Story Feature ImageFor any serious website, an SSL certificate is essential. It will increase a website’s visibility in searches, build trust among visitors to the site, and boost positive interaction. It’s getting easier for internet users to tell which sites have them, so you’ll want Eyedeal Graphics to add one to your website as soon as possible.

What’s an SSL Certificate?

SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a technology that protects transferred data between browsers and servers from hacking and data theft. This protection is critical for secure payments, correspondence, and more on any website. Adding an SSL certificate to your website grants you the benefits of SSL technology.

How Do Visitors Know if I Have One?

It’s easy to tell whether or not a website has an SSL certificate. At the beginning of a web address, a site that has an SSL certificate will have https:// while a site that doesn’t will begin with http://. What often alerts an internet user is a relatively new feature in popular browsers that labels sites without certificates as “not secure.”

What Else Can it Do for Me? 

With more security, clients and customers will feel better about using your site. This increases confidence in online payments and sharing personal information. Your site will also appear higher in search results on Google, which increases traffic to your site.

Eyedeal Graphics makes it easy to add an SSL certificate to your website. Get a project quote on web design services and secure your website today.

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